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Camp Kill Yourself

like whoa <3

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I was lost in a contraption
Took me days to find direction
Suddenly the moments collide

Finally found the fault in father
Family blood dilutes the water
I was dazed in my direction tonight

Photographed when he hit the ground
No one minds
That's my blind side

I was lost and you're to blame
A man of doubt gave me a name
The obvious was too hard to find

To watch me try is out of line
The sun will shine

To watch me die
Is out of line
The sun will still shine

What's mine is mine
The sun will still shine


for newbies, hey u have to start somewhere....

-just basically tell us about yourself and why you like the cky movies, the band cky, bam magera and company, or anything!!!

- dont take any pics or ANYTHING without permission
-dont insult any of the members on my community itself, if u care to do that in that persons own journal, thats your business
-dont manipulate anything about this community like, cky sucks ass, or we had a cky community first, noone cares alright.....
-if your nicee and respectful, we will be in return =)

cky forever ♥

(not associated with any other cky community)

just look at that

we ♥ raab, just look at him.....

look at phil and ape, are they not just too cute?